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Competitive commissions and rebates in local Real Estate markets across the United States.

Real Estate Commissions Savings

Why It Works for Real Estate Sellers and Buyers

RebateLeads operates a service that is autonomous and does not rely on referral fees for revenue.

Within our system, Real Estate Sellers and Buyers create "leads" indicating interest that are forwarded only to Agents they choose.

This concept is novel, simple and an effective way to facilitate healthy competition among Real Estate Agents without taxing Sellers and Buyers with referral fees.

The process of creating a new "lead" is fast and confidential, meaning RebateLeads does not broadcast Seller's and Buyer's information to anyone other than individual Agents selected by the user.

Our site works because Sellers and Buyers have an ability to see all local Agents who offer competitive commission rates and rebates before contacting them directly.

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Real Estate Agency Platform

Why It Works for Real Estate Agents

RebateLeads is designed and built in the heart of Silicon Valley to attract the best Real Estate Agents to participate in an OPEN competitive commissions and rebates marketplace. The following is a short list of awesome and unique features only available here:

  • Access is free.
  • Terms of Service are designed to help Real Estate Agents to receive "leads" directly from interested Sellers and Buyers.
  • Flexible interface, designed to promote Agent's services and competitive commissions and rebates.
  • Autonomous system with an emphasis on thousands of local Real Estate markets across the United States.
  • Our goal is user participation, not referral fees.
  • Easy sign-up, mobile friendly, we are a young Internet company always learning.
  • RebateLeads works for any Real Estate transaction budget, luxury through economy.
  • RebateLeads allows Real Estate Agents to advertise specific Real Estate commissions and rebates they feel comfortable with in the current market, in order to expand, without a need to cut corners.

RebateLeads is a direct 0% referral fee platform for all Real Estate Agents