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We found Real Estate Agents offering listing commissions as low as 2.5% in Riverside based on an average home price of $388,753.

Your potential listing commission savings are:
No split with Buyer's Agency: $17,493
Split with Buyer's Agency: $13,606

We found Real Estate Agents offering up to 50% buyers' rebates in Riverside based on an average home price of $388,753.

Your potential buyer's commission refund is: $5,831

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Real Estate Commissions and Rebates in Riverside, California

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The Department of Justice is committed to preserving competition in the real estate industry through its competition advocacy efforts. Given that California allows real estate brokers to provide rebates to consumers and to customize their real estate service offerings to meet their customers’ needs, the Department of Justice has not advocated that California change any of its real estate laws or regulations.

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