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RebateLeads is a user-friendly start-up designed to change the way real estate representation search is done – unbiased and referral-free.

Our patent-pending platform actively seeks qualified and determined VC and Angel investors to join us on equity basis.

Please keep in mind that we can only accept offers from qualified investors and not the general public. Investments in any start-up involve a high degree of risk. Financial and operating risks confronting all start-ups are and always will be significant.

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A Systematically Better Way to Manage Real Estate Agency Search

Bias - the tendency to have an opinion, or view, that is often without considering evidence as a result of systematic error introduced by selecting or encouraging one outcome over others. RebateLeads, without exception, is the only real estate start-up on the market in 2017 designed to provide unbiased results for all our users. Any real estate platform that operates on referral fees, by default, runs a 100% certainty output with biased information.

One of the core principles of the Internet is its ability to provide the best information available because it is relatively inexpensive to do so. The real estate market is one of the worst offenders of this basic rule due to its conservative tendencies. The referral fees, as a result, coincide with this market behavior that is willing to offset an imaginary risk by blindly paying for it with a real increase in closing costs. Referral fees are a major problem in real estate.

Since April 2017 RebateLeads has been actively working to change this model into a working Internet platform designed from the ground to operate under 0% referral fee structure. The process isn’t easy, but it is worth the effort because this platform conforms to the idea of an open Internet as well as to the legal real estate principles across the United States. While our competition continually funds methods that oppose both the real estate laws and basic Internet commandments, RebateLeads continues its work on an independent OPEN marketplace for real estate representation search.

Our search results now include major metropolitan areas with tens of Millions of properties, all of which are designed to bring the best local real estate representation information to Buyers and Sellers while giving agencies an opportunity to compete without referral fees or any added costs for that matter. Same exact agents that advertise independently for free at RebateLeads are paying 30% fees to Redfin®. RebateLeads offsets full savings benefits towards real estate consumers and independent real estate agencies instead of middle-man brokers.

Real estate market is as diverse as its participants. No agency is able to offer the same service or pricing "standard" as another, this is why RebateLeads supports competitive agencies that want to work with their clients on better terms. Our users compare and decide for themselves what is best for them. Start-up platform for a systematically better way to manage real estate agency search is the ultimate solution and we have it in 2017.

Looking forward into 2018, we have a solid plan to continue this process by growing our user base, agency database, search quality and coverage in rural areas. As we continue to grow our platform, RebateLeads actively and passively disrupts referral fee middle-man brokers by issuing legal challenges on basis of collusion and exposure of overall insufficiency of the referral fee business model rampant throughout the Internet, funded all the same. As the service continues to generate free and direct leads for our opt-in agencies, our users benefit with lower costs of home-ownership and better real estate representation choices.

We really appreciate your time, feedback and interest.

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