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Commission Rebate Marketplace for Buyers

The Best Way to Start the Search for Your Agent

RebateLeads is an excellent opportunity for Buyers to find and start to negotiate a commission rebate with a full service Real Estate Agent prior to the elusive and complicated search for a desired property.

Give Leads Only to Agents You Like

RebateLeads allows Buyers to search for Real Estate Agents and to create a personal "lead" indicating interest and inform participating Real Estate Agents of a new opportunity.

The Only Effective Service Model without Referral Fees

RebateLeads does not play favorites and maintains an even playing field for all participating Real Estate Agents, without prejudice. Our service does not tax anyone with referral fees.

This is how we help Buyers

RebateLeads helps you, as a prospective Buyer, to find the right Real Estate Agent who offers commission rebates.

Commission rebates are 100% legal incentive for Real Estate transactions in most States.

However, most Buyers are reluctant to speak to a Real Estate Agent directly about potential rebates in a usual setting.

RebateLeads maintains an open Real Estate Marketplace and helps to connect Buyers with Real Estate Agents that offer rebates in exchange for larger client base.

Real Estate Commissions with Friendly Competition

Buyer receives a benefit of comparing several full-service Real Estate Agents based on level of experience, service and rebate offering, gradually selecting the right Agent for the transaction.

RebateLeads is an ideal Marketplace to take advantage of rebate incentive because we only publish the names of participating Real Estate Agents within Marketplace, not open to the Internet.

Each Real Estate Agent who participates with RebateLeads knows that he or she is competing with others working in the same market area, our service encourages all Agents to advertise only reasonable commission rebates for a comparable service.

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