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Our Real Estate Referral Fee – Always 0%.

What does this mean? RebateLeads does not seek referral fees, period. Our service operates as an OPEN Marketplace.

Fair Market Real Estate Commission Rates

RebateLeads provides Real Estate Agents a fair Marketplace to advertise commission rates in exchange for new leads.

You Choose the Best Real Estate Agents

RebateLeads welcomes all Real Estate Agents and encourages healthy competition for commission rates in your local area.

OPEN Real Estate Commission Marketplace

RebateLeads is an Internet company designed to connect Sellers and Buyers with Real Estate Agents participating within its OPEN Marketplace.

Our web service facilitates a competitive behavior among Real Estate Agents and allows each Agency to advertise his/her competitive commissions and services.

RebateLeads offers access and service without subscription and referral fees for all our users.

Real Estate Commissions with Friendly Competition

RebateLeads is an excellent opportunity for Buyers and Sellers to find and negotiate fees with Real Estate Agents prior to the elusive and complicated search for a desired property or the best purchase offer.

Our system is uniquely built so that you, as a prospective Buyer or Seller, find the right Real Estate Agent that lists competitive commission rates based on overall transaction budget.

RebateLeads does not facilitate any offers or sets any commission rates, we are an OPEN online platform that connects Buyers and Sellers with Real Estate Agents at no additional cost.

RebateLeads is an Internet company

Access to our system is free - for Real Estate Agents, for Home Buyers and Home Sellers. RebateLeads is an effective Real Estate commission marketplace that generates profit with Real Estate data analysis and advertising. RebateLeads looks for healthy user-participation, not referral fees.

Bottom line is 0% referral fees

Other companies, acting as middle-men, charge all participating Real Estate Agents a referral fee for each closed transaction, anywhere from 25%-50%. RebateLeads is an Internet company. We exist to connect property owners and property investors with a market-rate commission Real Estate Agents with 0% referral fees.

Real Estate Commission Marketplace

Commissions are only truly negotiable before Home Buyer or Home Seller approaches a Real Estate Agent. Having a Real Estate Agent contact you through RebateLeads is the most effective way to shop for a commission rate online. The true potential for savings is only possible using a referral-FREE platform.

Connect with Competitive Local Real Estate Agents